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Meet Mind Bright’s Founder,
Kristy von Minden.

Drawing on the latest research from the fields of Neuroscience, psychology and mindfulness, Mind Bright FOUNDER, KRISTY VON MINDEN, works with individuals and organisations to reduce stress and enhance health and happiness.

KRISTY is also a regular Key Note Speaker, Brand Ambassador, Workshop Facilitator and Wellness Blogger.



Kristy has a Bachelor of Communications Degree and is an accredited Ovio Mindfulness Teacher. She is also currently studying ‘The Fundamentals of Neuroscience’ via Harvard’s Ed-X platform .

To develop Mind Bright’s programs, Kristy dedicated 12 months to research and development, including conducting numerous studies on stress and interviewing and working with Neuroscientists, Psychotherapists and other wellness experts. Her content is an aggregation of her own training and also research from the most respected Universities and Medical Experts in the world.


With her extensive corporate background and management experience, Kristy intimately understands the stressors and pressures of the modern work place, both from a management and from an employee perspective.

Kristy is a champion of positive change for workplace culture and employee care and believes there needs to be a fundamental shift in the way we work, live and look after ourselves. 

"Our brains are our most precious resource today and so we need to ensure wellness is our top priority above all else," she says. Her mission is to motivate people to take care of their minds daily, just like we brush our teeth.

Mind Bright's Story

After 15 years in the corporate communications industry, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, Kristy saw first-hand the negative impact the long hours, relentless rush and constant conectedness had on herself and the most highly motivated, intelligent and capable individuals.

“I absolutely loved my job, I was the definition of a career junkie. No project was too big, night in the office too late or deadline too pressing. But after back surgery at 26 years old, I went from being a marathon runner who did everything at 110%, to not being able to sit at a desk and suffering chronic pain and stress from trying to keep going despite my injury.

"When years later my back still hadn’t healed, it was my wake-up call and eventually I knew it was time for a different path.

"My journey to recovery saw me uncover an unexpected passion for neuroscience, mindfulness, meditation and all things wellness.

"I saw many people around me suffering from stress, anxiety and overwhelm unnecessarily and so started coaching people with the techniques I’d learnt and speaking at events.

"I knew this was my chance to turn my experience into something meaningful that will help others and put an end to unnecessary suffering,” she says

Her desire to not only understand why we are more stressed now than ever before, but to be a part of the solution with a fresh new approach, drove her to launch Mind Bright in 2017.




Mindbright's Mission

Mind Bright’s mission is to refresh the world in mind, body and spirit, inspiring happiness, optimism and lasting change which has a positive flow on effect for our global community.